So Many Ramblings, We Have To Have A Post About It!

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HELLOOOOO! Ok so, I have a million things to talk about but none of them warrant their own post, so this is a post, Dump Salad style. (You know Dump Salad yes? When you throw all the leftover veggies in your fridge into one bowl and have a salad about it?)

I finally have an air date for season 2 of Fearless DIY!! Mark your calendars for May 14th!! We shot it Aug/Sept of last year and I have been sitting on the most amazing projects that I am DYING to share!! There might be a tutorial for the headboard that you see in all of Brem’s instagram pictures…


Also you know these shelves? 


Wink wink.

Oh, and you know the light in The Nugget? Imagine how great a monstrous version would be…


Clearly vague enough? Good.


I have a tutorial coming tomorrow for a table that I built in literally 15 minutes. My friend Ben Uyueda has a Kickstarter going with THE MOST MIND BLOWING brackets that you’ve ever seen. It ends in 2 days so you should check it out now, and then be even more inspired tomorrow when I show you what I did with the UX4.



Have you been following Gwen’s kitchen reno? You guys. Who knew that sage green could look so smokin? Seriously, pop over and check it out!



Lets all move to Chicago and go thrifting with Kim.  Seriously.


What are the rules in your house about your kids having social media? Iv is 12 and is DYING for an instagram. The problem that I have with it is more than her posting “bad” pictures, or creepers following her. I don’t want her to base her self-worth on how many likes and followers she has. As a grown woman who does this for my business it can be hard to not get wrapped up in all of it, I cant imagine trying to navigate the waters as a 12 yr old. But I also want her to flex her creative muscles and see what she sees in her life that maybe I’ve missed. I’d love your thoughts!

Last and most importantly, I finally get it. I get how much work it is to have a baby and do projects. Its like right when I get in my groove and making a little bit of progress the dude that stole my heart wakes up, or needs to eat, or just wants to be held. Man its good that he is so perfect.

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