DIY Simple Boho Hanging Planter

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Its SPRING!! Do you know what that means?! Besides cleaning (we’ll get to that in a second!) it means that there are a whole new slew of plants at Home Depot! I don’t know about you, but I’d adopt a cactus over an animal any day of the week. Though mind you, they decidedly aren’t as fun to cuddle with…

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY

Today I’m teaming up with P&G and sharing a suuuuper simple boho hanging planter tutorial. We even made the most adorable stop motion video about it!



To make this planter you’ll need:

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY Supply List


Start by cutting your 1” square wooden dowel into 4 pieces that measure 9” this will make a planter that holds an 8” terra cotta pot.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-1-2


Drill a hole on either end large enough for you to fit your rope through.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-2-2

Cut your rope so that you have 4 pieces that are 15” long and 2 pieces that are 80” long. (You can adjust this so that the length that your planter hangs down is longer or shorter!

Start by folding your rope over the brass ring.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-2


Hot glue it in place and wrap a 8” piece of string around it tightly.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-3


Do this will all 4 pieces.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-4


Next take one of your longer 40” pieces and wrap each end around a ring securing it the same way. Repeat with the other piece of rope and rings.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-5

Once that is done it’s time to assemble. Stack your wood like so:

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-7

Feed the end of your rope through both holes and secure it with a wooden bead and a knot.

Then you’re going to feed the other end through the opposite corner and secure it with a wooden bead and knot.

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-8 

Do this with the other rope and TA DA! finished!!



Place your terra cotta planter inside and hang it somewhere amazing!

 Simple Hanging Boho Planter


I don’t know about you guys but I sometimes feel like a little kid that needs the promise of dessert to be able to choke down my vegetables. I wish I loved cleaning (like my MIL, she LOVES cleaning) but I would much rather be in the garage knee deep in sawdust. Sometimes a little motivation…like the idea of a new project or a new plant buddy helps me get it done. Its stupid, because I love having a clean house, I just don’t want to be the one that has to do it.  So now that we have this cute new planter, it needs a nice clean place to live!

We’ve talked about personality quizzes loads of times and my friends at P&G just launched one that determines your DIY project destiny!

How is that for motivation? So it was time to get cleaning. There are 3 cleaning supplies that I 100% cant live without. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Bounty Paper Towels, and anything Swiffer. I don’t know how or why Magic Erasers are so effective but man alive they can clean anything!! Especially grimy walls, I don’t know how they get so dirty. One of my favorite cleaning/paint prep hacks is to use a Swiffer on your walls to get rid of all of the dust that is too high to reach! #brilliant

Simple Hanging Boho Planter DIY-1-3

While you are at Home Depot, don’t forget to pick up your cleaning gear too!

I’m giving away $75 gift card to Home Depot and a slew of P&G cleaning products (Bounty Paper Towels, Dawn, Tide Pods, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers)

To enter all you need to do is pop over and take the quiz and then come back and comment with your results! I’m excited to see where everyone lands on the spectrum!

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