5 Minute Wooden Hanging Picture Frame (So Easy!)

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Hey friends!  I have got the easiest tutorial ever for you today, you’re going to love it! Anytime you can change up a traditional picture frame and do something different is a good idea in my book.

Here’s what you need:

Easy DIY Picture Frame

(2) 1×2” cut to length (we’ll talk more about this in a second!)
Cotton Rope (I bought mine at Joann)
Cotton String (From Home Depot)
Hot Glue

Chances are great that the print that you are using isn’t the same size as mine, which means that you wood probably wont be the same size either.  To get the same look as mine you’ll want to cut your wood so that its 3” longer than the width of your print.  This will give you 1.5” on either side for overhang.

The next step is to mark and drill the holes for your rope.  Measure and mark 3 and 4”  from each end and drill a hole the entire way through the wood.

Easy DIY Picture Frame-2


Then feed your rope through and wrap the end against the rope with the string. 

Easy DIY Picture Frame-4

You can tie this off, or use a bit of glue to secure it.

The last step is to put a thin line of hot glue on the edge of the wood and place your print on it.  Because I like to change things up so often I lined just the edge of the print up in the glue, that way if I decide that I want to frame it later, the damage will still be covered by the picture frame. 

Easy DIY Picture Frame-5


Glue the second piece of wood to the bottom of your print, hang and enjoy!!

Easy DIY Picture Frame-6

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