QUICK! Someone Give Me A Million Dollars!!

If someone walked up to you and gave you a check for a couple million dollars and said its yours to spend on the most burning big idea that you have right this second. You can’t change your mind, or re-evaluate. You can’t weigh the pro’s and con’s or make an “adult” decision about things, you just have to take it RIGHT NOW and work with what you’ve got, what dream would you get to make a reality?

I’d develop a neighborhood (granted I have NO idea how much it actually costs to develop such a place but while we’re living in the world of make believe lets say its right on point.)



We’re in this weird place right now. We’re ready to move, we have a lot and plans (don’t worry, I’ll share all the details soon) but I am struggling with the nature of Southen Utah homes man. They’re all the same. I just want something different. And I don’t want to be the only different house in the hood (cause thats not so great for resale ya know?)

I understand why people use beige and stucco but I don’t understand why.



My neighborhood would be tucked back somewhere beautiful Southern Utah mountains (which wouldn’t be hard, because its beautiful everywhere) with a long road and trees all along the drive.

It would be more like a giant cul-de-sac with 10 or 12 houses than a traditional neighborhood with streets, that way there could be a big park right in the middle. There would be a pool (of course hello desert heat!) and a playground and an awesome community garden and greenhouse. There would be a permanent Watch for Children sign and trees galore.



All of the houses would face the park and they would all be unique. Can you picture a teeny adorable neighborhood with a modern Palm Springs style house next to a colorful Craftsman and an industrial Farmhouse 3 doors down?  You know that one house in your favorite neighborhood that is just special? Maybe its not the biggest or the most expensive, but it has some serious soul to it? It would be filled with those.  Purposefully eclectic.

It would be the best that every part of the country has to offer. The only thing that wouldn’t be allowed would be beige, cause beige needs to die.

What does your dream neighborhood look like?  Do you know someone who has a few mill that wants to develop an adorable neighborhood in Southern Utah and have it blogged about for the world to follow along with? And most importantly, what would your dream be?

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