The Craziest 2 Weeks!

Hey guys! Holy. Its been a minute right? The last 2 weeks have been bananas (hence the radio silence) so I wanted to pop in with a life update!

But first. Can we talk about YOU GUYS. It is HORRIFYING. If you’re unfamiliar or don’t have a teenager consider yourself blessed. is an app and new form of social media where kids sort of lip sync to songs and sound bites.  Sounds relatively harmless right? No. literally every single video on it is so cringey. Ivie’s greatest joy in life is to spring one on me and it leave me reeling for 15 minutes because of the sheer amount of secondhand embarrassment. Its physically painful in a way that I’ve never experienced before. Its like watching the worst Dr. Pimple Popper video ever (which is this one BTW) on repeat with zero anonymity for the tweens. Yes, we as teenagers had headgear, perms, and scrunchies. But this is so much worse. I tell Ivie every time she is tempted to post one of these horrific videos that the internet never forgets.

Ok now that I have that off my chest, let talk about the 2 weeks of travels!

I started off in LA filming some video with my friends at Wayfair. It was awesome! We shot 4 videos that should be out in a couple of weeks, I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted! I love the insight that new experiences like this give to the TV world. I’m feeling a resurgence of the show dream, so any type of experience that I can get I’m all over it!


I got in late Wed. night and Mr. Brem and I left first thing in the morning for Salt Lake where we got to finally see Gordy boy (my sister Amy’s 31 weeker that just came home from the NICU) It was apparent in that moment that I had given birth to a teenager.


From there Me, Brem, and Miranda flew to Phoenix for Pinner’s Conference (SLC friends I can’t wait to see you Nov. 4-5!!) It was SO WONDERFUL meeting so many readers. Blogging is this weird world where I am just in my house, talking to myself and hoping that there are real people on the other end, so to be able to hug you and see your projects and chat means the world to me. THE WORLD.

After a few days in the blazing heat we flew back up to Salt Lake and hung out for a day until Court joined us and we took a 6 am flight to San Francisco to cheer the Cubbies on.


I’ve never been to San Fran before and I cannot wait to get back! (If you’re looking for stuff to do and places to eat while you’re there this post on Instagram has loads of great recommendations!) We ate everything we could, my favorite was the Monte Cristo at Mama’s.


The first game was heartbreaking but the second was magical (at least in the 9th inning.) I broke out in hives, possibly from something in our Clam Chowder? But my favorite thing was our trip to Sausalito. We walked to Heath Ceramics and it was pure heaven.


On our way back we stopped at The Matthew Turner, a tall ship that is being built from scratch. If you’re over there, you’ve absolutely got to stop by and take a tour. Its incredible.

And now we’re home…for a few days, until we head to LA to watch the Cubs play the Dodgers. Post Season is going to be the death of my bank account.

And the last thing, I’ve got something massive for you guys coming tomorrow (yes, Saturday!) so make sure you check back then!!

PHEW. Now I’m off to Aspyn’s to get her dining room finished!

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