The FREE DIY Tool You Can’t Live Without!!!

Tell me if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation. You’ve persuaded your adorable husband to tackle a project that mayyybeeee you’ve never done before but 1/2 the internet it telling you it’s totally doable and so you are READY and ENTHUSIASTIC!

Saturday morning you start googling the project for instructions and you know what happens? 9,571 tutorials come up and you’re a little taken aback. But your like “K…thats ok. I’ll find one that seems right.”

You watch video after video of hairy guys in their dark garages try to explain what to do, but either the sound quality is so bad that you can’t understand it, OR the terms that they are using are totally outside of your DIY vocabulary. Either way it doesn’t work and sends you to the next video and on and on and on.


8 hours later….You’ve finally got some idea of what this project needs to look like so you head to the store and get your supplies.

When you get home and are ready to tackle the project *shocker* something unexpected that is completely unique to your house happens. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS. What do you do? You are led back to the internet to google something that doesn’t make sense. Like “What if I’m supposed to connect the red and blue wires and my house only has yellow and green?”  More videos, more contractor forums, more swear words. No project to show for all of the work.

At this point, the kids are starving (you can only have them eat Cheerios and Otter Pops for so long). Your once clean house quite literally looks like a pack of wild animals took up habitat there. Your ready to make an appointment with a marriage counselor and you are questioning why you even married this horrible person in the first place. You’ve come up with a diabolical plan to take down all of Pinterest’s servers just so you never have to see a picture of stupid Joanna Gaines and her stupid perfect shiplap again. And you still have no idea why your house has yellow and green wires.

So what’s the solution?!! You guys, I am DYING over the most brilliant app that has ever existed. Every single person need this. I don’t care if you are a renter, homeowner, DIY novice or Bob Villa, YOU NEED THIS APP.


Its called DIYZ (pronounced DIY-wise) and it is the answer to every situation that you run into as a DIYer.


DIYZ has tutorial after tutorial on how to tackle loads of projects, everything from changing out a light fixture, to hanging dry wall, and from painting a wall to hanging a picture correctly. There are more than 100 tutorials with more being added on the regular.


AND if for some reason the tutorial you need doesn’t exist or you find yourself in a pickle (ahem yellow and green wires) you can video chat with a Pro and they can help walk you through the situation. In person. A real life person that you can show the problem to and prove that you are not in fact crazy or color blind. Then they can just go ahead and save your marriage AND help you install the new thermostat at the same time.


The app is free and is an absolute MUST HAVE. Each tutorial is loaded with info. On the front page of the tutorial you can easily see the time commitment and skill level, how much you can expect to pay if you DIY vs. Hire a Pro, and a shopping list that syncs to your Amazon cart so that you can buy all the supplies that you’ll need to tackle the project right from the app. My favorite part is that there is a video tutorial each step of the way. Like literally each step has its own video.

DIYZ App-3

And if all of that isn’t enough, there are really inspiring projects to discover. This app is a game changer people…and a marriage changer.


Download it NOW! Really, RIGHT NOW!!! Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

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