The Raw and Real Side of Moving When The Entire Internet Is Watching | Part 1

Hey friends!! Ok so, our house hit the market last week and I’m ready to open up and chat about everything that has gotten us to this point. Its been a whirlwind to say the least. I guess the beginning is a pretty great place to start? Buckle in, cause this is going to be a long story.


I first need to start off by saying that its been really hard to not talk about and I’m kind of over keeping things shushed. Over the next few posts you are going to get a lot of backstory to catch you up to speed and then all of my secrets will be out and we can be best friends again. I hate having to stay mum about stuff, especially stuff that is interesting and can help other people on their journey. I also want to say, this is not a Surprise! We bought a secret house! situation, its still very unresolved, raw, and up in the air. Are you ready to join me and be my support team?

I’m about to spill my guts, hope you’ve got a catchers mitt.

As backward as this sounds there is nothing more perfect to me than the potential of an unfinished space. Anticipation of the inspiration that will launch it into action, and the process of creating something new are my favorite addictions. For me, its not about the finished project, its actually not about the project at all. Its about who I become while I’m working on it. DIYing saved me in the most literal sense of the word. I am the best version of myself when I’m neck deep in a creative problem.

Last October we decided that we were ready for something different, the boy wonder was coming to join our family and I was itching for a change. Our house is wonderful and adorable and was pretty much done, and I love living in a creative construction zone (it just feels really good to my heart.)  So we started this whole moving/house hunting process, and I kept it secret for fear of something not panning out and looking wishy-washy and amateur-ish to millions of people. I didn’t want to say “We are doing this _______________” and then a week later say “Actually we are doing this __________________” and then 3 days later say “Both of those times I was lying, we are really real life doing ___________________”. But the reality of the situation is that THAT IS THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION. Its emotional and hard and extremely touch and go for everyone. No one wants to look a fool to their friends and family (let alone the entire internet) or jinx it, or spill the beans too soon. But, I should know by now that you guys are way more supportive than to judge me for that. Remember this gut spilling that happened mid Nugget reno?

p.s. As I’m typing this out it seems so lame to be scared of that.

Sidenote: I think keeping all of this stuff inside and secret from all of you was a huge contributing factor to my depression. I was in a really broken place and the potential backlash from internet strangers (that normally isn’t an issue for me) was just more than I could emotionally handle. My biggest fear was that you guys would think that I was fake and that we were moving just to continue to create content for the blog and would hate me and my house and my family and all bloggers ever for it. I’m in such a better place now and can see how skewed the fear was. So is that the case? Nope. But man, isn’t the blog a great perk? It means I have all of you to take the ride with.

Back to the story, we decided as a family that moving was a pretty great idea. So we did what most people in our situation do, we started looking at houses. I know that Southern Utah is not known for its trendsetting ways but man alive, if I see another MLS listing with beige walls, beige tile, beige stucco, and granite countertops I.AM.GOING.TO.LOSE.MY.FREAKING.MIND.  Its the craziest thing, the houses all look the same whether they are $150k or $1.5 million. I mean, obviously the quality and size is different, but the finishes are all the same! Its maddening!!

I combed through every listing for months and every time felt so blah about it. I wanted something special that had soul (remember this guy I loved?!) Court wanted something that had been built in this century and had A/C.

He can be such a killjoy.

You guys know that I talk openly about everything, so though I understand its a little taboo to talk about money, I feel fine about it, hopefully you do to! To get the square footage that we wanted (3000-3500) our purchase price was going to be in the $300k-$500k range. Naturally I looked at everything from $1 million down to $200k (cause why not maybe I would find a long lost uncle that was loaded?) It was a huge bummer to see that we needed to spend $400k to hit our square footage goal but would then need to completely update everything on top of that. Travertine is NOT my friend.

The next (and obvious) option was to build. This is where the story gets really long so I’m going to end this post here and we’ll pick up at this point in the next one.

To really make this series as informative as possible, here is what I need to know from you. What things in the house selling, hunting, building, buying situation do you want to talk about? I really want this to be something that you can chime in below with your experience so that its a great reference point for anyone in the house buying/selling frame of mind. I’ve got my experience but you’ve also got your experience and that is valuable information that I would love to use my platform to share. How deep should I dive into it? Is money too weird to touch on? What about getting lending? Do you want to know my credit score? How about my blood type? Thoughts?

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