Aspyn’s Dining Room Makeover REVEAL!

You guys! I’m so excited to share this fun dining room makeover with you!! Before you keep scrolling I want you to close your eyes (I mean, not really ‘cause you have to read, but pretend to close your eyes.)

Picture Home Depot (just go with me on this). Picture all of the things that Home Depot is known for. Now buckle your seatbelt ‘cause you’re about to be blown away.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Youtube darling Aspyn Ovard for a complete overhaul of her house.

When we started out with not a lot. If you remember, her house is a new build and you could tell. In other words it was very basic and very empty. Her style is young, fresh, and a little mixed bohemian. I wanted the space to feel clean, eclectic, nothing super structured, formal, or traditional. Full of life, yet still calm. Tall order? Maybe.

Are you ready to see it now? EEEEE! This is my favorite part!!

Have you ever dug into the furniture that Home Depot has on their site? YOU. GUYS. They have an entire sister company called Home Decorators Collection and it is SO good!! In fact, everything in this room makeover is from Home Depot!! I know what you’re thinking. The Midcentury table? YES! The Modern Wire chairs? YES! That KILLER rug?!?!! YESSSSSS!!! (Don’t worry, I’ll link everything below!)

We took a few hours at the beginning and tiled the backsplash with basic white subway tile that your local Home Depot will have in stock (remember how I’m currently obsessed with that?) It immediately took the builder basic feel away. This is a great post all about choosing the right grout color for your project!

The next project of the space was the Sharpie wall. Who doesn’t love a project that looks like custom wallpaper but only cost $8.00?

Then it was time to decorate. Aspyn’s house is like so many others. It’s got an open floorplan and the dining room is part of the kitchen so I feel like loads of you can take this makeover and plop it right into your own home. It can be little overwhelming to decorate a space especially if you are a first time homeowner like Aspyn, I mean where do you even start?!

Their original table was cute and simple but a little small for the space and the wood tone was too similar to the flooring. I swapped it out with the Conrad dining room table from Home Depot. I love the midcentury modern style and that the finish is a little warmer than the previous table but still staying on the slightly desaturated side with the antique natural mango wood finish. (Oh yes, and this heirloom piece is currently on sale for $399!!)

Because I upped the table size, it now comfortable fits 6 instead of closely sitting 4 which is perfect for entertaining!

The chairs are killer! I love brass, but I’m kind of really digging chrome lately and these pushed me over the edge!

Let’s just have a heart to heart about this rug. Guys. It’s amazing, right? One of the easiest mistakes to make when you’re decorating a dining room is the rug size. Large rugs are more expensive, but if a huge kilim is out of your budget try to layer a large and inexpensive one underneath it (sisal works great for this!) I really wanted a large sheepskin but wasn’t able to track one down (like that’s ever stopped me) so I ordered this flokati off of Home Decorators Collection and made my own by cutting the shape out.

I wanted the table decor to be something that was pretty and collected and easy to move so I put these bottles on a vintage wooden platter.

Aspyn previously had some stools at the island, but they sort of just blended in with the cabinets and countertop situation so I swapped them out for these stackable aluminum stools.

Speaking of aluminum, I added these spun aluminum lights above the island. I’m really loving the juxtaposition that’s happening in this space with the uber modern shapes and finishes and the relaxed slouchy style of others.


The back wall needed something large and simple to break up the wall pattern and finish everything off. I waited and hunted for weeks and just couldn’t find anything that was right so at the last minute (‘cause that’s how we roll) I called my friend Tyler and asked him if he had a picture of the tips of the mountains in St. George. I had it blown up and then mounted it on a simple 4×4 sheet of plywood from The Home Depot. It’s pretty perfect right!? Just the right amount of white space. You can snag it in the Vintage Revivals Shop here!

The last thing that the space needed was some plant love. If your house is lacking something and you can’t put your finger on it, chances are you need a plant friend or 2. Home Depot is the best place to buy plants, especially if you have a black thumb because they will return them for a year!! Granted it’s a little shameful to take in a pot of dirt but I promise they don’t get judgy about it.

Here’s a quick guide to all things dining room:

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So tell me, were you surprised that everything came from Home Depot?!

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