House Saga Part 5: Now What.


So sorry to just leave you hanging like that! (If you’re new to this series you’re going to want to start here!) Ok just to recap. We were building. We had a lot, we had our plans, we had bids, it was time to pull the trigger but everything was so complicated. It was like at every turn we were hitting a wall. I’m a fairly optimistic person so I live my life in the best case scenario frame of mind, I’m famous for saying “its fine” cause I really believe that about everything!! But the second I said “Maybe we’re not supposed to build” and had the most clear YES!! answer to any prayer I’ve ever prayed I knew that building wasn’t right. (Did I mention this was going to get a little spiritual? Cause it is.)

I also think that God knew that I need the answer to be 1000% unmistakeable because I had to unwaveringly move forward, away from this situation. This situation that I’d invested 6 months of my life into making happen. This situation that I wanted with every fiber of my soul.

The next 6 weeks  (July-Aug 2016) were spent trying to decipher what that answer meant. Did it mean we weren’t supposed to build at all ever? or just right now? Did it mean we weren’t supposed to build that specific house? Did it mean we weren’t supposed to build at Stucki? I looked at it from every angle and analyzed it to.death. I researched every development in Southern Utah, I talked to new architects, I thought about what was next from sun up to sun down and all through the night. This is when I was deepest in my postpartum, I felt like I couldn’t make a decision and didn’t know what the next right thing was.

Until one night.

Court was out of town and when he’s gone I don’t sleep exceptionally well, every noise wakes me up. So during a fitful night of sleep somewhere around 4:00 in the morning I suddenly woke up with the clearest thought in my mind. “Wait upon the Lord and have patience in his goodness and timing.”


I mean I know I’m not the most patient soul, but huh??

The thought was so clear and the peace was so strong that I stopped. I stopped worrying about it, I stopped looking for what I thought my answer was. I stopped trying to control things (which is reallllllyyyyy hard for me.)

I know that the answers that I received during these months needed to be clear and strong so that I was left without doubt. I needed to move forward with blind faith and believe that whatever was supposed to happen would.

So needless to say, we are not building (sorry for those that were so excited about the homeshow!) but we’ve got a secret something in the works and after months of due diligence we are nearing the contract phase, so THE SECOND that I can talk about it I will be shouting all the hairy details from the rooftops.  I didn’t know that we’d be moving out of St. George, or that a place like this even existed. All I can say, with no exaggeration, is that every dream I’ve ever dreamed has manifest itself and I know why I was told to wait and to trust.

Annnnnnd now I’m getting all freaked out that someone will be able to decipher that cryptic message and snatch our dream house out from under our noses.  So if you’re feeling all Robert Langdon-y please don’t! We love it!!

Oh my gosh! I just realized that this whole series started when we listed our house and I haven’t updated you at all on that!

Our house went under contract after 3 days and we are set to close on Jan. 4th!!! We’re moving in with the inlaws (which I am SO excited about cause I have the best inlaws of all time ever). Its going to be a giant familyfest…for at least a few months anyway. My inlaws are building as we speak and I’ll be sharing everything here (yay for those hoping I’d be blogging new construction!!) Even though its not my personal house, I’m still in the nitty gritty details of it and it is going to be FREAKIN FRAKIN AMAZING!! I need a series name, do you have any ideas? I’m thinking This is the House the Inlaws Built but is that too long? Maybe just The House the Inlaws Built? Something to ponder. Once their house is done, they’ll move in and we’ll stay in the old house as long as we need to.

So thats our game plan for the next little bit. Stay tuned!!


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