What Does This Mean!?!

You guys. I had the weirdest dream last night.

Backstory: I’ve had a really hard time sleeping since we moved (which has never been a problem, I’m totally the type of person if I lay down for 2 minutes I’m out.) Its been rough to say the least! I think a lot of it is that I wake up and don’t feel my normal sleep orientation. Last night we repositioned our bed so that it was the same direction that it was in the old house. I was finally able to sleep a little but I had the craziest dream!

Want to help me analyze it?

I had a dream that we were back in our house (for those new to the party, we moved 3 weeks ago) and everything was different. Not in a different furniture, different family kind of way. The new owners had taken all of the things that we’d done and returned them to the original state of the house when we bought it. (This is the MLS listing from our house)

All of the brick and tile and paint were replaced with their beige counterparts.

I moved around the house in a hazy disbelief and just couldn’t wrap my head around why. Why would they take out the wood floors and put bad carpet down? Why would they change all of the lighting out for brushed nickel boob lights? WHY!? It made me feel horrible and after waking up I just can’t shake the feeling!

Do you think this is finally my brain processing the move?! Dream guru’s what does this mean!?!

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