The Mysterious Refinishing Magic That is Danish Oil

If you are a thrifter or a hand-me-down furniture lover take heed, your life is about to change. Meet your new boyfriend Danish Oil.

You know when you buy an older piece of furniture and it just looks tired? The finish is dull, there are nicks and chips and marks all over it, and though technically it is the same piece as the one on 1st Dibs for $5000, it looks like its had a rough go at life and maybe got the short end of the gene pool in the Herman Miller family.

This is where Danish Oil comes in. When you have a piece that is struggling in the finish department sometimes it seems like the only option is to strip/sand/restain it. But ITS NOT!!

Doesn’t this guy in Aspyn’s Living Room look brand spankin’ new?

He sure didn’t start out like that. I mean we’re talking a “She’s All That” style facelift (I’ll love you forever FPJ!)

So what is this voodoo magic?!

Danish Oil can best be described as 1 part conditioner and 1 part stain.  It comes in different colors that you best match your piece’s finish to (don’t worry if your between shades, it miraculously morphs into what it needs to look like!)

Using a clean cloth you rub in on all over the piece, concentrating on the areas that have issues.

It instantly changes everything. Its like real life Photoshop or using Maskcara IIID Foundation.

Check out this piece- see how all of the scratches stand out like a sore thumb?

With a quick wipedown of Danish Oil they just disappear. The wood looks alive, there is more color depth and its now protected against water, kids, and general grossness.

Look at the bottom of the legs:



So, if your furniture is looking a little lackluster, you’ve got help on the way!!

Danish Oil comes in a bunch of different colors, most are linked below!(My favorites are the Natural and Medium Walnut (which is sort of the most perfect color for almost any midcentury piece you can throw at it!)

Have you used Danish Oil? Do you love it enough to get a D.O. tattoo with me?

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