Finally A Mini House Update!!

Hey guys!! How are things going!? I’m popping in today with an update (of sorts) on our house situation! When we last left off here (in December?!?! Wut?) I mentioned that I had found my dream house and that we’d been working for months on due diligence.

Well, those months turned into a couple more months, a new architect, intense structural engineering reports, a new contractor, daily calls with my real estate agent Meghan (who is the BEST btw!) loads of prayers, and finally DUN DUN DUUUUUUN a contract! And the best news…We are set to close a week from today (!!!!)

Our house sold so fast it kind of made our heads spin. We moved everything into the storage unit(s) and moved ourselves into my in-laws basement. (Which has kind of put us out of project mode, but man oh man, is that going to change!)

Its been so hard to figure out what to share without compromising the situation. Its one thing to tell friends and family about your plans, and something else entirely to alert the entire internet (though I am 100% convinced that we are the only people crazy enough to tackle this renovation) not to mention its just generally a really touch and go scenario anyway.

But its been even harder not talking about it because man alive I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED!

So. If you’re the praying type, we could use it. If you’re the fasting type, we could use it. If you’re the good vibes type, we could use it. If you’re the show up and help demo type,  we could use it. And if you’re the bring Girl Scout cookies type, WE. COULD. USE. IT.

Stay tuned!!




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