What Court Really Thought When He Saw The Merc

AHHHH! YOU GUYS!! I cant even begin to tell you how overwhelmed with goodness I am after all of your wonderful, sweet, encouraging comments yesterday! I love that so many of you have stories about The Merc and I promise I’ll do my best to honor such a special place!! 😊

Lets continue our story shall we?

When Court walk into the building he said and I quote “No way. This thing is a piece of CRAP!” I feel like I also need to add that I had disrupted his golf game multiple times the day before trying to talk to him about it. So he was already feeling a little judgy.

BTW, have I told you the story of what happened to finally make him realize that different is awesome? A few years ago he went to watch a fight at a super rich doctor’s house. It was the biggest house in the best neighborhood, something that in his mind equaled ultimate success. When he walked into our house after being there it felt different in a really great way, this house that he was “supposed to” want looked just like all of the beige small houses, it was just a more expensive version. He FINALLY got what I had been trying to tell him for years. Needless to say I felt super validated.

When he walked through the portal to heaven 👼🏼🙌🏼 and saw the brick side of the building he thought it was amazing. He loved the walls and the rafters and how spacious it was. I wish I could capture how huge it is but pictures just don’t do it justice. Court loved it, and it was in fact the only positive thing in his mind. Everything else was a negative. (And trust me when I say that unless you have permanent rose colored eyeballs like I do, there were/are A LOT of negatives.)

This was his thought process:

You’re crazy.

How is this ever going to look like a house?

This is going to be so freaking expensive.

Like so much money.

And be so much work.

Why can’t I have a normal wife that just likes to cook and do laundry?

I think its extremely obvious that I have the world’s most supportive husband. I don’t know how, or why but man I’m so thankful for him. When I knew that this was the direction we needed to go he told me “If you really want The Merc, you’re going to have to do everything in your power to make it happen so that I know that you are 100% committed, then I’ll be behind it.”

Which looking at the task ahead of us was somewhat like saying “Well, if you really want to go to Hawaii on vacation you’re going to have to swim across the ocean to get there. I’ll pick you up on the beach after I have a cushy first class flight and eat a can or 2 of Macadamia nuts, then we can check into the hotel and have a vacation.”

I mean, I know that he was probably hoping that I couldn’t pull it off but hello, he’s been married to me for 14 years, he knows how this is going to turn out.

There were a whole list of issues, and problems, and negatives that needed to be addressed and if at any point one wasn’t resolved the entire thing would crumble. In fact I’ve got a whole post coming next about allllll the issues, so if there is something specific you’re wondering about, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it!!







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