Exterior Elevation Plans for The Merc

Hey guys!!

K, there is just so much to share with all of these plans that we have happening, I’ve got 5 different posts in various stages of explanation, but I think if we start with the exterior elevation that might be the easiest way to have reference points for the interior space.

Right now the exterior can be described in 1 word- forgotten. If you didn’t know The Merc existed, you wouldn’t notice it driving down the road. Its just this giant beige nothingness. Except for the faux rock that is painted on the front. That’s the only memorable thing, cause its so bad.

We’ve definitely got our work cut out for us, but when we’re all done, its going to look a little something like this:

Here’s a really rough photoshopped version:

I’m going to keep plugging these images into the post so you don’t have to scroll up and down a million times, consider yourself warned!

Its REALLY important for me to bring back as much of the original style as possible.

The door that is currently living in the old garage door space will be taken out and in its place will be 2 giant faux doors based on pictures of the original ones.


See that old doorway outline that is between the garage door and the window?  We are adding a faux door and a transom window to that spot. (On the other side of the wall is the kitchen, so we don’t want to use a real door.)

The original store entrance existed between these 2 windows. It has been boarded up (you can see it from the inside)

We are reopening this doorway and making it our official front door. This is also the only section in the front of the building with brick that can be exposed, so we will be taking off the plaster and restoring the original brick. I think it was painted some time in the 50’s but we won’t know until we get inside. In fact, we won’t know until we are into it neck deep if the brick is in ok condition, Hopefully it is salvageable!

In the renderings it is red, but after a little bit of research we realized that the exposed upper section of brick in this picture is the original exterior, so it will most likely be this mix of gray and yellow with light grout.


The window/door section at the far end doesn’t have brick underneath (this portion was built with concrete block) so it can’t be exposed.

We’ll be re-stuccoing all of the white portions and fixing the cracks, textures, and bad paint jobs.

This little section is going to be my office. I love that its divided visually from the house portion of The Merc and is so well defined.

I’m still not 100% decided on door and trim color. I love the black, but there is the coolest story about this specific shade of green paint in southern Utah (I’ll tell you all about it!) so I’m kind of debating back and forth about those 2 options.

What do you think? Do you have any great ideas we need to consider before we start doing everything?


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