Where We Really Are In The Merc Reno + Video Tour with Court!

Hey! Man am I glad to be home. Court and I have been traveling for the last (almost) 2 weeks and are finally back in St. George with all the kiddies and the pup. We spent a week in Salt Lake for SNAP! and volleyball tournaments and then took a quick flight across the country to Atlanta to spend a few days with Home Depot. It was awesome!!

The craziest and most eye opening thing that I learned over the last 2 weeks not hulled up in the in-law’s basement was how far-reaching The Merc is already. 99% of the bloggers that I chatted with at both events wanted to talk about The Merc, which was blowing my mind because everyone’s got a different corner of the internet and I didn’t think that some of those were connected with mine. I am SO grateful for all of you who are following this journey (even if its just to see if its a massive train wreck when its all said and done) Almost everyone that I chatted with had the same questions, so I thought you might have them too!

How far along are you really?

Hands down the biggest one is how far along in the reno we really are. When we closed on The Merc a month ago we closed on the building. Because of a really tight situation with the seller we had to buy the building before we were able to close on our construction loan. The last month that I’ve been sharing updates and back stories The Merc has sat taunting me with zero work being done. IT IS KILLING ME.

We are set to close on our construction loan (hopefully!!) this week but won’t start work until after The Hoard Sale/Meet The Merc event on 5/13 (mark your calendar, more details will be coming in the next few days!)

Thats the long answer. The short answer is, this is real time folks.

When are you going to be moving in?

We are shooting for November, but after binge-watching Grand Designs Court is convinced that its going to be June…of 2018.

Are you freaked out about people knowing where you live?

This was one of the first things that we had to address when we decided to seriously consider buying The Merc. Its a public building, I’m a public person, its inevitable. My rationale is this, we live in 2017 anyone with access to google can find out where you live just by searching your name. Public building or not. If we had the foresight to keep our whereabouts private than I would’ve/should’ve gone the route of The Nester and not used my real name when I started the blog. We’ve also got a killer security system (to keep babies in and strangers out).

How are you going to keep people from walking in your front door?

Locks. JK…sort of. The front doors will always be locked because of the boy wonder and the proximity to the road. We’re also going to have a really adorable private residence sign made.

Are you opening a store?

Not in the imminent future. For now, to satisfy the commercial mixed use zoning we will have an office (you can see the floor plans here) that will be open periodically/by appointment. The reason for the Santa Clara Merc Co. on the building is because I know how important it is to the residents of Santa Clara, and for those that didn’t grow up with it, I still want them to know it as The Merc, even though that’s not what it will be used for.


Absolutely the most controversial situation thus far in the series. I get it. I swear. We’re still not sure, but I’ve got all the faith in the world that it will work out.

How does Court really feel about it? 

When I wrote this post a lot of people got the impression that Court was begrudgingly going into this or that I was somehow forcing him to go along with it. Let me just clear this up, Court 100% will not do anything that he doesn’t want to. Remember all of the years I tried to force him to get sober? While he was a little unsure at first we’ve been working on this since September, plenty of time to hash out all of the details. Rest assured, he’s at least 75% as excited as I am to do this.

We thought it would be fun to share a little What He Sees vs. What She Sees video tour, check it out below:

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