A Little Mother’s Day Love ❤️

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For as long as I can remember, on Mother’s Day my mom would give my sisters and I a little Mother’s Day gift. Obviously not cause we were actual mothers (because 6 years old) but because regardless of  where our path in life took us, we would be women and have the capacity to be mothers.

Whether we are a mother, longing to be a mother, or don’t feel like that’s our path in life, we all have mother’s and women in our life that have shaped us and made us who we are. Today I’m sharing a little bit about the moms in my circle that have molded me and a few of their MOM-isms. A MOM-ism is the quirky things that makes your mom, or the community of moms in your life special. Its the things that they do that make them who they are.

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You always hear that you don’t understand the love of a mother until you are one. While that is extremely true, here’s what I don’t understand, how my mom did it all!! In 3rd grade I won a trophy for always turning in my reading slips. That trophy DID NOT belong to me, it 100% belonged to Francene. I had no idea how hard it was to turn in reading slips until I had a child just like myself who doesn’t really care to follow the rules and feels no stress about pushing deadlines.

My mom is hands down the most influential woman in my life and I could not think of a better person to try and emulate. Her goodness and kindness radiate all around her. She puts everyone before herself, she loves everyone she comes in contact with, and she always leads with compassion. She is consistent, full of virtue, and a great listener. The most comforting smell in the world to me is the smell of Mentholatum because she always uses it a lip gloss and it reminds me of being home. My mom is a rule follower through and through. I remember running late for school in 4th grade and she took a short cut on a dirt road through an undeveloped neighborhood. I thought she was such a daredevil!! Her MOM-isms run deep, like always saying “Remember who you are and what you stand for!” every time I left the house. Her love for chocolate covered cinnamon bears (that we all inherited). Her constant verbal gratitude for the latest gift we gave her “You girls shouldn’t have bought me this microwave but I’m sure glad you did, it just works so much better than our old one!” Her laugh when she thinks something is really funny. How she would only hand out 1/2 pieces of gum so we didn’t look like a cow chewing our cud. The veins in her hands. The time she sacrifices to intentionally mother us and let us know that we are loved. She always says she’s not perfect but I have yet to see how.

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As some of you know, I have 2 sisters. They are my absolute and eternal best friends (it wasn’t always that way so that’s the hope I’m clinging on to with my girls). When I had Ivie, Miranda was just out of high school and Amy was still in. I was always the older sister with the kids, and they were the cool unmarried aunts until just a few years ago. I will never forget when my youngest sister Amy called and told me she was pregnant, suddenly I wasn’t the lone wolf with my pack of wild animals. As I watched her become a mother I went through this moment where I was truly sad for all of the years that I had been a mother without the influence of her motherhood in my life. Of course she was influential, but this was an entirely different aspect of who she was, a better version. I’m happy that we waited so long to have Brem because I miiiiiight have a chance at being 1 for 3 when all of this is said and done thanks to her 😂. At the same time, its hard to write about how wonderful it is to see Amy being a mom because Miranda is struggling with infertility. (This is where words just stop, feelings that are impossible to describe take over and I stare at a waterlogged blinking cursor for literally 8 minutes.) My sisters are the most wonderful humans on the planet and I am so blessed because of them.

I also think about my Grandmas. Their MOM-isms are my favorite. My Great Grandma (who Brem is named after) with her shaky voice, creative spirit and soft hands. My Grandma Folkersen with her rock solid faith, enunciation, and denim dresses. And my Grandma Rowland with her positive outlook, Sunday cakes and makeup at the cabin. The love and sacrifice of these women has eternally blessed me and made me who I am today!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas, would be Mommas, and wonderful women who influence the people around you daily. Me and my friends at 1800FLOWERS would love to help you send a little love their way this Mother’s day so I’m hosting a giveaway!! 2 lucky winners will receive a gift card to 1800FLOWERS!  Enter on this instagram post by commenting with your favorite MOM-ism, the winner will be announced on Friday!!


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