Phase 2 Floor Plan for The Merc!

Hey guys!! How are you!? I’m neck deep in killer vintage furniture over here and have narrowed my 4 storage until down to 1!!!  Cause the HOARD SALE is this weekend!! WAHOOOOO!!! Are you coming!? You need to come. Even if you don’t need to buy anything, come and tour The Merc and get some free Swig! (Out of staters you are welcome to come too! Last time we did a hoard sale we had loads of people from California, Nevada, and Arizona!

Like I mentioned in this post we are tackling The Merc renovation in 2 phases. We are renovating phase 1 (most of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen) and getting our C.O. (certificate of occupancy) so that we can move in. Once we’re in then we’re going to start on phase 2.

Phase 2 has some pretty hefty things that need to be done. The roof (while its structurally sound) needs to be redone. The previous owners had drop ceilings and everything was insulated that way. Because we want to leave the original wood + trusses exposed we need to insulate on top of them. Our plan for this is to take off all of the existing materials (down to the wood that you see on the interior), use rigid poly-iso insulation and then install a metal roof on top of that.

So many of you have asked about the windows. Yes, we are 100% opening them up. We’re still trying to work out the logistics of it being in such close proximity to the cafe on the other side of the wall (another reason why were doing it in 2 parts) but right now we’re leaning toward installing privacy vinyl to the lower section of the windows. That way the light can still come in, but people won’t be staring in our bedroom. The windows are about 7′ tall and if you look at the picture of Court below you can see that unless Shaq is standing on his tippy toes eating at the cafe, we won’t need to worry about someone peering into the rooms.

Right now our plan is to not restore the windows but to replace them with something that looks similar but has all of the benefits of modern technology. (Although Candis told me that they are in restorable condition) Does anyone have any experience with this that could explain what that the of restoration actually looks like?


The wood ceiling itself is in pretty great shape, there is one spot that had leaking issues that has discolored the wood, but from what we can tell it just needs to be sanded and restained to match the surrounding wood. We also need to stain the wood that was installed to strengthen a portion of the roof.

Its crazy how tall the roof is. I mean, you walk into it and its a huge space but Court has been taking down the wires from the drop ceiling and he can almost stand up straight inside the pitch of the truss. I’m so curious to see how all of the furniture looks in this space, I have a feeling its going to look like barbie furniture (minus the pink and the glitter)

As far as the space goes, this is what we have in mind.

The Master suite will take up the corner next to the kitchen. This means we share a wall with the road. We’re planning on doing some heavy insulation to deal with the noise, and we also will have the massive faux doors as a barrier too. I think its going to be just fine but I’ll definitely let you guys know how it turns out. This room is open to the main roof.

Next to it is our master bath/closet. If you look at the plans you can see that the main part of the bathroom with the vanity and tub are open to the main ceiling. When you walk back into the space more there is the shower, toilet room, and closet.  The loft will be above this part of the room so the ceiling height will be similar to the kitchen.

Can we talk about the loft for a minute!?

I am SO excited about it. We decided to have it there for a couple of reasons. 1. its going to add some serious visual interest to the space. 2. It acts as a divider for the master. We wanted to contain as much noise as we could in the living spaces vs. the bedroom space and just throwing in some tall walls that went between the trusses would have looked weird. If you look at the plans, 2 sides of the loft are open to the living/dining area and the other 2 are walled off to the roof. This is our sound barrier and also makes it so people can’t stare into the bedroom/bathroom from the loft. It fits perfectly between 2 of the trusses and will be a fun place to hang out, and to decorate. I’m debating on putting skylights in right there, what do you think?

I’m also feeling pretty jazzed about having some wall space that the entire loft situation will create. There isn’t loads that we can do with the adobe walls so most of the art will happen here and around the stairs.

The rest of the space is open for living. I’m picturing the dining space between the main entrance and the stairs and the rest as a living room.

One thing I’m SUPER excited about is the solution to cover the concrete walls. We’re going to do floor to ceiling bookcases in the entire corner!! How awesome will that look?! I want to do a mix of normal shelves and lawyer shelves (similar to the style we used in The Nugget)

One thing I’m still trying to figure out is what to do with this doorway. We’re closing it off to turn the adjoining space into a bedroom and I’ve got to come up with a solution to make it look awesome. Do you have any ideas?

Cant wait to see you guys at the Hoard Sale and have you experience this awesome space in real life!

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