Introducing Build Design Live!!

Happy Monday!! I am so excited to introduce you guys to an inspiring new site that I’m contributing to called Build Design Live. Its a site full of brand new shows, podcasts, and blog posts all about DIY and Design. You know when you watch a show and you want to see what’s really happening, or how to execute the projects that they are doing?

This. is. that.

New episodes go live every Monday, along with outtakes and how to’s for each one!

You might recognize some familiar faces like Chris Lampton, Andy and Candis, and one of my favorite humans on the planet Rayan.

They’re kicking things off with a $5000 room refresh from one of the designers (hello! how awesome would it be to win that?!!) Enter the giveaway here!

New content is popping up daily and I’ll be sure to give you a heads up when a new Vintage Revivals post goes live!! Head over and check it out!!



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