The Wicked Difference A Doorknob Makes

There are a few things that people don’t give a lot of thought to. Why no one has created a more advanced zipper? The fact that you’ve never actually seen your own face, just a reflection of it. (!??!) Unless they’re heinously offensive, do you even give much thought to the type of door knobs in a house? Am I right?

While I have yet to invent a new zipper, and find a way to dislodge my eyeballs to look at my face, I can DEFINITELY help with the doorknob situation.

I teamed up with Schlage to chat about the difference a doorknob makes. Instead of doing a before and after, I thought it would be fun to show you 6 of my favorite knobs on the same space, styled just a little differently.

The first thing that I need to announce is how heavy these knobs are. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. They are solid and have some serious weight to them!

Schlage has so many options, so if you see something that you love but want a different finish or knob style –  chances are FANTASTIC that they can make it happen.

My first pick was the Latitude Lever + Century Trim in Matte Black. I love the color and how simple and modern the style is without being too basic. There is a slight curve on the back trim piece that ups the style cred instantly.


My second pick was the Accent Lever in Satin Brass. The finish is the kicker here. It’s the perfect brass for those of us that are obsessed and need it everywhere. My only grievance is that it isn’t available in all of the knob styles; maybe we should start a petition? #makebrassgreatagain


The Northbrook Lever and Upland Trim is the definition of modern hardware. It’s angular and masculine and so so good. I love it in the Satin Nickel finish.


The Bowery Knob and Greyson Trim is simple and subtle, this style will literally go with everything, which is great because it comes in 6 different finishes.


I was so surprised at how much I LOVED the Accent Lever and Wakefield Trim in Bright Chrome, it’s a little more polished and traditional than I would have normally gravitated toward but I seriously love the oval trim piece.


The most unexpected item on the list was the Georgian Knob and Brookshire Trim, the plans for the Merc have softened my heart to the ornate things of the world, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Berkshire was one of my favorite trim options. I get that it’s not for every house, but for those that are aiming for something more traditional and formal; the Berkshire could definitely be one of your new best friends.

The thing that I love about all of these doorknob options from Schlage is that they all look intentional, they look designed, custom and amazing. Each one brings its own personality to the space. So now is the fun part, look around your house, are your doorknobs saying what you want them to say? Or are they saying I’m builder basic/I love 1982/No one loves me and has long forgotten that I exist? Check out the options that Schlage has, their prices are👌🏼 !!

Huge thanks to Schlage for teaming up with me on this post!



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