Metal Siding That Looks Like Real Wood!!

Hands down the most requested info about my in-laws house is where they sourced the wood-look siding. Its crazy good, even standing right underneath it you’d swear it was wood.

So here are all the details!

It’s made by a company called Longboard

They have 20 different colors and wood types. The one we went with was Light National Walnut thought we also really loved the Dark Acacia and the Dark National Walnut.

Its significantly more expensive than real wood but the upside is that it doesn’t have any maintenance once its installed. Real wood requires staining and/or clear coating every 4-5-ish years (which is pretty spot on based on our experience with our exterior shutters).

Another advantage is that it looks absolutely perfect. There isn’t any warping, knot holes, or unevenness at all.

I don’t think you can order it online, you need to go through a dealer but if you put your zip in than it will tell you surrounding shops in your area.

In other news, construction on the Merc starts TODAY!!!! Glory glory I am so excited I can’t even handle it!!!




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