Why I 💖 My Sherwin-Williams Store + The Merc Workshop Makeover

This project is in partnership with Sherwin-Williams

Do you guys have those people in your life that you call when you have a question? Instead of spending time Googling and researching you just ask them cause you know that the info that they are giving is always right? That person in my life (at least when it comes to paint) is Sam, the manager of my local Sherwin-Williams store.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called Sam with bizarre questions (like how many layers of paint you can put on a wall before it falls off like a giant pancake.) Aside from emotional support for my painting addiction, the guys at my local store are some of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and wonderful people I’ve met on my DIY journey. They’ve even put my favorite custom white color in the computer as Mandi White, so when I place an order that’s all I have to say! How awesome is that?!

It can be intimidating as a female DIYer walking into a store where predominately male professionals shop right? There is such an advantage to shopping at a store like Sherwin-Williams, especially if you value quality paint and knowledgeable staff. Sherwin-Williams has so many different tools to help make selecting the right paint for your project easier, including a free ColorSnap® app to help you visualize colors in your own home.

A few weeks ago, frustrated by how long the Merc reno was taking to begin, I decided that I just NEEDED. TO. DO. A. PROJECT. Do you ever get that feeling?! Tell me I’m not the only one! I decided that we were going to spend a few days getting the workshop at the Merc all cleaned up.

This is what we started with:

Not so pretty.

I’ve never painted exterior masonry and metal (the doors) and wasn’t sure if there was a special paint/primer situation or if I’d need different paint types for the different surfaces. So what did I do? What I always do, I called Sam. He told me that I could use any of their exterior paints on both surfaces and recommended Emerald Exterior. I ordered Mandi White and Tricorn Black SW 6258 (the best black ever!!) and I was off!

We started off by spraying all of the block white. (After we power washed it!)

Then we taped everything off and started on the Tricorn Black SW 6258.

And after a few other projects it looks like this!

SO much better right?!

Next time you find yourself in project mode and need some paint, try out your local Sherwin-Williams store and you just might get a custom color named after you!



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