17 Decor Pieces You Can Eternally Mix And Match (+ How To Pair Them!)

Hey hey!! You know when you have a new perspective come into your life and it makes you take pause? Well, my sister Amy just bought their first house (YAY!!!) and so we are in constant conversation about home decor and how to furnish it. I sent her over my private pinterest board of FAVORITE decor at The Home Depot and she was like, “um hi, why wouldn’t you share this with your readers?” SO. Are you ready to see 17 of my favorite pieces that you can mix and match?!

Lets chat living rooms. the living room is the first place that people think of when it comes to decorating because a) its the center of your home b) its what people see when they come over 3) it where you usually invest the most money. I’ve picked some awesome staples, consider these a spring board, that you can customize and fill in with DIY, thrifted treasures, or favorite pieces you already have! (Remember my post all about mixing thrifted + new?)

I love an eclectic mix of styles, its what Vintage Revivals is all about, so here are a few ways I would start!

I love all of these pieces so much and would use any (and all!) of them in my house! I feel like you can pick your favorite from each group and mix and match to your hearts content! These tables are money (especially that white and wood one! 😍) and hello, they’re all under $225!

2| 3| 4|

Are you sick to death of me talking about how great the rugs at Home Depot are? Literally everytime I hop online and look they’ve added even more and I swear to you the prices are the greatest I’ve ever found. That bottom one that is $126 for a 5×8 is DEFINITELY living at the Merc, and I used the one that is only $179 in Aspyn’s Living Room makeover!
 2| 3| 4| 5|

Lighting can be tricky, and while i love a good DIY, the thought of electrical currents surging through your body can be a little much for some people. I get it! These are some of my favorite lights that look like they came out of a perfectly curated designer showroom but cost 4x less than their showroom counterparts.

 2| 3|


Couches are probably the most important piece in your living room, which means they automatically get priority stardom. Amp up the style game with any of these guys (the blue leather chesterfield is SO good!!) and you’ve already done 90% of the work!


 2| 3| 4| 5|

Ok one more thing we need to have a heart to heart about. One reason that I’m a HUGE advocate of buying furniture from homedepot.com is because of their return policy. Sure you can order similar finds from other online retailers, but do you have a place to return them in store if it doesn’t work? I am LITERALLY the worst person at returning things and the thought of returning a couch? That needs to be shipped back?! That’s never going to happen in my life I’d rather live with it. But if for some reason I need to, I’ve got a Home Depot 10 minutes away that will happily take it off my hands. Why would you want the hassle of repackaging and shipping a couch? Blah.

So I’m dying to know, which of the pieces are your faves?

HUGE thank you to my best and favorite partner in all the land The Home Depot for teaming up with me on this post. As always, all selects and opinions are my own, as was the decision to get a Home Depot tattoo. I mean, people get Harley Davidson tattoos all the time, why would a Home Depot one be any different!?


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