Wow. Those Are Some Big Window Holes.

Hey guys!! We hit a huge milestone at the Merc, the holes for the windows have been cut!!

 We had the best surprise when we found out that these walls weren’t made out of concrete block like we had thought (remember from this video update?)  SUCH a great surprise because it would have been $$$ if we had to have a brick mason cut them out.

Its kind of hard to tell just how big they are in pictures, but this one might give you a good idea,

They are 4×6 and perfectly massive!! I thought that they weren’t being cut until the windows had actually arrived (Sept. 15!) so imagine my shock when my cute neighbor sent me some pictures and asked if I knew it was happening. By the time I made it over they were open and light was streaming into the Merc in places that have never had natural light shining.

So while I was a little bummed that I didn’t get pictures of it happening, I’m pretty satisfied with the before and afters.

Normally gaping holes are not that wonderful, but man alive it makes the side of the building look so much less beige wasteland-y. The walls are very thick (yay for insulation!) and the windows will be mounted on the newly framed walls, so there will be a large sill on the outside of the building, perfect for something adorable I’m sure, like plants? Any suggestions?!

They’re boarded up with plywood until our windows get here in a week! EEEEE! Guys, I’ve learned SO MUCH about windows I can’t wait to share it with you!!

I can’t wait until the stucco is repaired and doesn’t have all of the cracks and holes and peely paint!

Thanks for sharing this journey with us, its so fun to have so many people chime in! I think we’re going to figure out a way to put a vent hood in, I’m just not sure what, so if you’ve seen some really industrial creative ones, send ’em on over!!


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