Amy’s Guest Room Source List!

Hey hey!! I’m back today with all the delicious details of the guest room makeover I did for my sister Amy! Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I wish there was more DIY involved, but this was done totally weekend warrior style so while there is some, a lot of it can be sourced (which is great if you’re not that into DIY.)

First lets start with the wall color. Last week we announced that Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside. Its a really deep teal that’s a little bit on the blueish side.

I recruited my best helpers (sorry Court) and we knocked the painting out. One thing to note, when you’re using really dark colors, especially ones that are in the green family, you’re definitely going to need more than one coat of paint, with Amy’s room we did 2 + touchups where it needed more.

The dark wall was the perfect backdrop for the Macrame bed. For the last year, even trip to IKEA left me wanting this bed. It was just screaming for a custom macrame headboard right?!

bed | sconce | shelf | tree | pillow | light | rug | stool

While we were at IKEA we scored the cabinet in the As-Is section for next to nothing!

letter board | print | mirror | chair | pillow | cabinet

The mirror above the cabinet is the most basic of Target staples right now and I’m of the belief that everyone needs at least 2 in their house. The thin brass frame is just so fundamentally good. Like most weekend warrior projects, we did some scavenging and found these prints  that Amy had on hand from Society 6.

My heart just feels so happy with how great our Vintage Green letter board looks here!!

One of my favorite places to visit in Vegas is the West Elm outlet store. That’s where she got the great camel leather chair and a few things that are in the other rooms of the house. You can find really great pieces at fantastic prices, so check it our if you’re ever down there.

I LOVE white bedding. Like I don’t know if I’ve ever used anything else in a room makeover love. The reason? Because in what world would you be able to pair that wall color with that pillow AND have a colored duvet and live to tell the tale? It would not be a good combination. White makes it all play nice. I layered white sheets, a white throw, and a white duvet on the bed (all from IKEA).

The long lumbar pillow is made from a rug that got stuffed and whip stitched together. It grounds the wall with its muted muddy colors. Imagine how different it would feel if they were bright true tones? Totally different!! I also really love that its a single statement making pillow instead of a slew of different ones, it makes the bed making for guests less tetris-y.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re decorating guest room is that they don’t really need a lot of drawers. There is a closet at the foot of the bed, and the cabinet from IKEA, so we didn’t really need a nightstand. But we did need something. So used this simple shelf from Target that is a great place for a cup, a pair of glasses, or a phone to hang out while it charges.

I feel like we need a serious slow clap for that wall sconce from World Market, which is also where the ceiling light came from. So much goodness.

You may have heard it said on the interwebs before that the faux fiddle leaf from World Market is the best. I am here to add my big fat gold star that situation. It is HANDS DOWN the best that I’ve seen, and the price isn’t horrible! A real one in St. George at my local Home Depot runs anywhere from $79-$149 and usually dies within 4 months. This one is $179 and lives FOREVER!


The map on the wall was a craigslist score, the seller had a whole rack of them that I got for $350!! If I ever decide to sell a couple, you guys will be the first to know!

I love how this space turned out, especially that macrame bed. It is one of my favorite projects that I’ve done in a very long time!! The problem is that I just kind of made it up as I went, so I don’t really have a great tutorial for it. Would you guys be interested in a post with a round up of the knot styles that I used, even if its not the exact pattern? Or MAYBE if someone is a great macrame artist that makes patterns, you can email me and we can figure something out!?




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