What it Looks Like When You Hire Out Drywall

In a word? Yes. Let’s Recap.

Up to this point, all of the interior work on the Merc has been done by subcontractors. Because of the commercial zoning for the Merc, there are rules that we have to follow that don’t apply to regular homes. For example we had to have a Commercial Architect do our plans. We are required to have a General Contractor. We have to have licensed contractors do our plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. I believe when you’re building a regular house you have the option of doing all of those yourself, as long as they meet code. We also hired out our framing (which was SUCH a good idea because there is not an existing wall in the Merc that is straight or plum.)

Hiring out sheetrock was something that Court was on the fence about. It definitely would have saved us some cash (our bid came in at $16,000 for installation and texture). And when you’re faced with that large of an expense (hello 10x what my first car cost) its definitely something you want to pause and think about. We decided that we’d rather do other work ourselves, like painting and tile work, and not get burnt out just trying to install the sheetrock, so we hired it out.

The longer this process trucks along, the more I see the value of skilled tradesmen. That may sound weird, but I’m a DIYer through and through. It’s how my brain is wired to work. The problem with that is sometimes its a smarter and all around better idea to hire it out and I just reject it based on the fact that I want to do it myself. But drywall was something that I was completely uninterested in doing (and have never really done) so it was pretty easy to pass off.

It took about 5 days for it to all be installed. The installers started at the ceiling, and moved down the wall, doing the portion by the floor last.

Once it was all done, they cleared out the extra and the next wave of guys came in to finish it.

They started by covering all of the screws and taping the seams. They used THE COOLEST tool to tape. It was a big gun that rolled the tape out and put mud on both sides of it.

Then a guy followed behind and smoothed it out.


Tomorrow we’re chatting about drywall finishing and how we got almost smooth walls on a budget! Have you done your own drywall? How did it go? Was it worth it?


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