Drywall Tips and Tricks Brought To You By a Casual Observer Hoping to Steal All The Pro Secrets.

Hey folks!! If you thought we were done talking about drywall, you were mistaken. 😉

If we’re being completely transparent, one of the hardest things about blogging this renovation is that I’m not doing the work, so I’m not sharing tips and tricks to help your project adventures become a little easier.


You can bet that I’ve been watching this drywall process with eagle eyes and sucking in every bit of information that I can share.

Without further adieu, I bring you “Drywall Tips and Tricks Brought To You By A Casual Observer Hoping to Steal The Pro’s Secrets to Share With You, The People of The Internet.”

Tip #1 Use nails in the 4 corners to hold the drywall sheet in place then screw it in everywhere else. One of the most frustrating things that happens with old drywall, or drywall that isn’t installed correctly is that the nails or screws that hold it in place, pop over time. Using screws is a must, because they’ll hold much longer than nails. Our drywallers, used a few nails to hold the board up, and then used drywall screws along the edges and down the studs. They had a drill that was always running, which brings me to my next tip.

Tip #2 Use a Drywall Screw Gun, not a normal drill. I’d never seen this tool before. Its a small lightweight drill that is designed specifically for setting drywall screws. It has a way to lock the trigger on, so you can set the screws very very fast (and save your finger!) It also has a cone tip that does 2 things, it holds the screw in place, and it sets the depth so that all of the screws are set the same. Its 100% worth the <$200 investment if you’re drywalling on your own.

Tip #3 Use a Drywall T Square + Box Cutter. I couldn’t believe that this is all they used to make all of the cuts. They would use the T square to make the first cut, snap it back and then flip it over and cut the paper on the other side. I would’ve made it wayyy more complicated.

Tip #4 Use a Drywall Foot Lift. Once again, I was shocked and dismayed at how simple and necessary this tool was. Its basically a pedal that you put underneath the bottom of the drywall (by the floor) and step on and it lifts the drywall up to meet the upper piece. It makes what would certainly be at least a 2 person job, one that anyone can handle.

Tip #5 The Taping Gun. Now this isn’t a cheap investment, but it was pretty amazing to see how quickly they were able to tape the seams on the wall. (This is the best price I’ve found for it) Honestly I don’t think taping without it would be hard, just extremely time consuming.

Tip #6 Master the Stilts. Story time. When I was a little girl the kid next door had stilts. I thought he was SO FREAKING COOL and after watching him for weeks on them, finally convinced him to let me try. I hopped up on one and it completely spun around 360 degrees before dropping me like a sack of potatoes. I’ve never stilted since. They guys were awesome at it, though they reminded me a little of Spongbob going to the prom.

Tip # 7 Wear the same clothes, especially when youre finishing. Joint compound is messy messy, so just expect it.

Ok now it’s your turn!!  What drywall tips do you have?!



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