Stucco Round 1!!

RIP to the most offensive paint job to have EVER EVER existed. The stucco is finally on the Merc!  Well, sort of. The brown coat is on at the Merc!

I can’t even begin to tell you how dang exciting it is to not have to drive up to cracks, and holes, and weird cutouts. We all know that the Merc has its quirks, but some of them are just a little too much for my heart to handle.

If you remember this is what we started with. One word.


Over the years doors were covered up, windows were downsized, new doors were added, and the paint job….I just can’t.

This is the mock up that we came up with when we were in the planning phase.

Over the last few months you guys have followed along as we uncovered and restored the original brick.

Reopened doorways and geared up for the stucco event of the century.

FINALLY after a month of waiting we got our brown coat on. For those that are unfamiliar like I was, a brown coat is the first layer of stucco. They let it cure for a few weeks and then cover it with the color coat, which is the finished color.

They started by patching the door that is no longer, and filling in the indented space around the window.


I couldn’t believe how quickly it went up!!

I even made a time-lapse for you 😉

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