Buh-Bye Road Noise: How We Made Our Historic Windows Better With Indow!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, one of our biggest frustrations with the Merc is the road it’s on, more specifically the road noise. Couple that with the fact that the original windows are only single paned glass, and that neither of them were going anywhere, it seemed like a bleak situation. Not keeping the original windows wasn’t even an option for a few reasons, replacing them would have taken a huge chunk of character out of the Merc and helloooo expensive. Remedying this window dilemma was one of the first things that I looked into when I found the Merc last year and I’m happy to report that I found a solution! I LOVE it when google delivers!

Friends meet Indow. They are a cool company based out of Portland that makes window inserts for all types of properties, but I’d venture to guess that historic properties are their favorite. For the last year I waited until the Merc was ours, and waited for the reno to be in a place where it made sense to install them. AND THAT TIME IS NOWWWWW!!!!

So let’s talk about Indow. What do you do if you can’t (or won’t) replace your ineffective windows? You have a few options, you can have bad feelings every time you walk by them. You can make a deal with the universe to change the weather and traffic patterns. Or you can get an Indow Insert. But if you have the universe’s email I’d be open to that one too.

Indow inserts are acrylic sheets that are precision cut and held in place by pressure moulding. Cool right? They’re totally removable and if I had to pick, I’d say the best thing about Indow is the ease of EVERYTHING. Requesting a kit was simple, their measuring process is flawless (even if you’re like me and don’t always read instructions) and the install can be done in 3 minutes.

The issue we had with the Merc was noises, but if you’ve got other frustrations, they’ve most likely got an insert for that!

Oh and did I mention that they completely disguised our window wonkfest? Remember how nothing is straight in the Merc? That includes all of our windows. When we were putting the frames and casing in we did the best we could to remedy it, but they just were too off. (You can see in the picture below how uneven the trim directly against the glass is).

Installation is so easy! You unwrap your indow

Make sure it fits

Remove the back film and push it into place

Then remove the front film.

Look at how much better the above picture looks compared to the window without the Indow insert:

The road noise has noticeably been reduced. You can still hear it a little, but nothing like it was! And I can’t get over how great they look. I was a little unsure because of the rubber pressure tube but I am SO glad that we put them in!

Here you can see what it looks like when it’s pulled away from the window a little.

There are just so many little details that they’ve thought of, like a specific label per insert letting you know exactly where it’s supposed to live.

HUGE thank you to Indow for partnering up with us on these inserts and saving our historic windows! If you’re in a historic house, or a house where buying new windows isn’t an option, please take the time to check out Indow!

I’m doing a Facebook Live today at 1pst to chat through all things renovation, including answering your Indow questions, I’d love it if you’d tune in! You can RSVP here!!

Check out our video below, you will die when you see how easy they are to install!





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