The Merc Backdoor Reveal!

Guys, we are in the throws right now. I thought things were stressful when the renovation started, I thought they were stressful when we started DIYing stuff, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT STRESS WAS.

We’re about a month out from move in and stuff is finally coming together. I have been waiting for our new backdoor so that I could install our new Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt™ and its finally in!! So here we are, the first mini reveal of the Merc!!

If you remember, this is where we started off. Pretty sure that band of feral cats claimed this stoop as their stomping ground. And after months of work, this is what it looks like now!! (Don’t worry, our metal roof trim is being installed next week!)

There are a few things with the Merc that I am very much looking forward to, and the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is one of them. If you’ve ever had loads of people coming over that need access to your house, you know that even though you try so hard to keep track of the keys that are loaned out that inevitably some disappear. With the Sense smart lock you can unlock it with a code or with your smartphone!! It can actually program up to 30 different codes. It’s such a great feature to have, especially for when kids get home from school, if you left your keys in the car and need to get back inside or have contractors coming and going all day long!

The installation process was so simple, Court said and I quote, “That is the easiest thing I’ve ever installed.” So not only is it efficient, but it’s easy to install.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s wildly good looking!! I chose Matte Black finish for our Schlage Sense and the lever. I also decided that the back door at the Merc is similar to a garage door, which means that if you’re like me and would rather dislocate 4 fingers taking all the groceries in (as opposed to inefficiently making more than one trip!) I needed a lever vs. a knob, because you can literally open the door with whatever body part you have free.

The tech is very easy to use. Programing your code is simple and it connects directly to your phone via the Schlage app. It also works with Apple HomeKit™ and Alexa. It’s a little bit of an investment at $200 but the peace of mind and convenience is totally worth it.

Check out to see all of the styles they have, I’m sure you can find one to fit your vibe! What do you think?! Do you love it!?

Huge thanks to Schlage for partnering up with me on this post and giving me the motivation to get this spot on the Merc finished!

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