My New Secret Weapon to Saving Vintage Lamps!

Lets talk about one of the greatest things in all the world.

Vintage lamps.

I’ve got more vintage lamps than I dare say (I don’t want someone reading this to take it the wrong way and schedule an intervention.) But this beat up brass bent arm floor lamp is probably my favorite lamp of all time. The patina is just something that you can’t buy or replicate. Also I’m pretty sure I scored it at a yard sale for $5.

The one downside with it is that somewhere along its life journey the knob that turns it on and off disappeared. Leaning behind a piece of furniture to unplug it. One of the quirks of vintage, right? Not any more.

This guy was the first thing that I though of when I partner with Sengled and they sent me their Element smart bulbs.

Smart technology is just incredible, there are so many different options for upgrading your space. But I dare say that none are as simple as screwing in a light bulb, and that is exactly what the Element is all about. It’s as simple as screwing in the blue, connecting it to the included hub, and downloading an app. Now I can control it anywhere!! They also have a serious commitment to the environment, both in their company and helping people like me cut down on my energy costs. The energy cost of an Element bulb is $1.08 per YEAR. That’s like choosing to impulse buy a Snickers at Target checkout, or having a room full of light for.a.year.people.

One of the upgrades we made on the exterior of the Merc was photocells for our lighting. It’s something that needed to be planned from the beginning, but what if you didn’t plan for them and the lighting you love doesn’t have built in photocells? This is where Sengled Element bulbs can really shine (pun TOTALLY intended!!) You can set your bulbs on a schedule so they will come on when the sun goes down, no special wiring needed!

Think about all of the places in your house where you want to be able to control the lighting from your phone. Entryway and kitchen lights for when you’re traveling, Kid’s lights so that they’ll finally go to sleep. Lamps that have no way of turning them on or off (my favorite!) there are so many possibilities!! Our office is the first place in the Merc that has plants, art, and now my favorite lamp!  I didnt realize what having a separate space for work would do for my life (it’s the best!!!) and I cant wait to pull out the rest of my lamp hoar….collection from the storage unit because Sengled has singlehandedly justified my years of scavenging. I can’t wait to find more homeless lamps to love!!

You can snag your Sengled Element bulbs here!

Thanks to Sengled for partnering with me on this post!

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