FREE Mrs. Meyers Bundle! Get It Before It’s GONE!!

Ladies. It’s that time.

No, not that time.

The FREE Mrs. Meyers Bundle time!

Every once in a blue moon my friends at Grove Collaborative have a crazy deal for new customers and THIS IS THAT DEAL! You can get a Mrs. Meyer’s Dish soap + hand soap + lotion + reusable scrub brush for FREE when you send $20!

As a blogger, there are lots of cool partnership opportunities that I get, and in full 100% transparency, I have paid for Grove to be delivered to my house for almost a year. I’d show you my bank statement but then you might judge how often I’m at Home Depot. I just don’t want you guys to ever think I’m promoting something that I don’t love, ya know?

So what is Grove Collaborative?

Grove is a monthly subscription site that delivers healthy cleaning and home products right to your front door. Think Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Method, Caldrea, etc. They’ve also recently launched their own line of concentrates and I LOVE THEM. Basically if you head to Target for Mrs. Meyer’s you just need to order it from Grove because it will save you $150. Truthfully, when have you ever just gone into Target and bought JUST dish soap? NEVER. Your dish soap run ends up costing $150 and you end up with Magnolia cookbook, 3 bags of candy, socks for you husband, some random (but adorable) brass office supply holder, a new rug, and a bag of popcorn (and you probably forgot the dish soap.)

Here’s my favorite part. When you sign up for Grove, you are signing up for a monthly subscription BUT you can change, adjust, or postpone your delivery anytime! They send you an email notification before your order ships with enough time to make whatever changes you need! There were a few months in the thick of the Merc reno that I didnt need my order so I postponed it for the next month, no big deal at all! I have had one bad experience with Grove. I postponed my order and ran out of dish soap. Court being the greatest husband in the world picked up a GIANT bottle of glowing green Palmolive and every time I had to use that radioactive weird smelling soap I was reminded how much I love Mrs. Meyers Radish dish soap and I vowed to never let it happen again.

So right now, if youre a new to Grove customer you can sign up here and you’ll get a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Hand Lotion, and Scrub Brush for FREE when you spend $20!! Supplies are limited SO GET ON IT!!

If you’re an existing Grove customer you know how great they are and you deserve something free too, just click this link to redeem your free Walnut Scrubbers!

Once you’re on the site, you can pick your favorite products ( LOVE the Grove brand Concentrated Cleaners and the Castile Soap!) and they’ll take care of the rest! So excited for you to use to try Grove and their awesomeness!


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Soho has always been a center for art and to this day has a rich…

Soho has always been a center for art and to this day has a rich culture of creativity and fashion. This week, as it welcomes its first ever Gucci space, two members of the art scene that have passed through Soho reflect on the past and present of the neighborhood. #MRPartner #GucciWooster #ad

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My New Secret Weapon to Saving Vintage Lamps!

Lets talk about one of the greatest things in all the world.

Vintage lamps.

I’ve got more vintage lamps than I dare say (I don’t want someone reading this to take it the wrong way and schedule an intervention.) But this beat up brass bent arm floor lamp is probably my favorite lamp of all time. The patina is just something that you can’t buy or replicate. Also I’m pretty sure I scored it at a yard sale for $5.

The one downside with it is that somewhere along its life journey the knob that turns it on and off disappeared. Leaning behind a piece of furniture to unplug it. One of the quirks of vintage, right? Not any more.

This guy was the first thing that I though of when I partner with Sengled and they sent me their Element smart bulbs.

Smart technology is just incredible, there are so many different options for upgrading your space. But I dare say that none are as simple as screwing in a light bulb, and that is exactly what the Element is all about. It’s as simple as screwing in the blue, connecting it to the included hub, and downloading an app. Now I can control it anywhere!! They also have a serious commitment to the environment, both in their company and helping people like me cut down on my energy costs. The energy cost of an Element bulb is $1.08 per YEAR. That’s like choosing to impulse buy a Snickers at Target checkout, or having a room full of light for.a.year.people.

One of the upgrades we made on the exterior of the Merc was photocells for our lighting. It’s something that needed to be planned from the beginning, but what if you didn’t plan for them and the lighting you love doesn’t have built in photocells? This is where Sengled Element bulbs can really shine (pun TOTALLY intended!!) You can set your bulbs on a schedule so they will come on when the sun goes down, no special wiring needed!

Think about all of the places in your house where you want to be able to control the lighting from your phone. Entryway and kitchen lights for when you’re traveling, Kid’s lights so that they’ll finally go to sleep. Lamps that have no way of turning them on or off (my favorite!) there are so many possibilities!! Our office is the first place in the Merc that has plants, art, and now my favorite lamp!  I didnt realize what having a separate space for work would do for my life (it’s the best!!!) and I cant wait to pull out the rest of my lamp hoar….collection from the storage unit because Sengled has singlehandedly justified my years of scavenging. I can’t wait to find more homeless lamps to love!!

You can snag your Sengled Element bulbs here!

Thanks to Sengled for partnering with me on this post!

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May 04, 2018 at 01:10PM

He is easy to love, affectionate, and friendly. He is moody and unpredictable. Vulnerable, sweet, devoted to family. Impulsive, strong, and overflowing with emotion. Dreaming of home, always. Never quite at home, anywhere. This is Connor, a puzzle his family and caregivers have worked long and hard to solve, a boy who lives at the intersection of autism and mental illness. It isn’t so much a rare place — as many as half of autistic children suffer from mental health problems — but it can be a deeply baffling one. The overlap between these afflictions is hard to untangle; diagnosis and treatment can be very difficult. And a health care system meant to help can instead be frustrating, even harsh. Photography by Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Connor Biscan stood atop a small rock and searched the sky for the balloons he had lost at a family gathering in Nelson, N.H. on Labor Day weekend. Connor had flown the balloons in an open field behind his great-grandfather’s house. When the kite string broke and the balloons snagged on a tree, Connor became anxious. His mother, Roberta Biscan, praised him for remaining calm. As a baby, balloon was his first word. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)

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Deciding on Lighting Placement at The Merc and What I’d Do Differently

I think one of the most agonizing things about building or renovating is planning things that you’ve never had to think about before. Things like lighting. I mean, of course we all have thought about buying cute fixtures, but have you ever really dove into nitty gritty? I hadn’t and let me tell you, it was eye opening.

Planning for lighting is one of the first things that I did way back when I was meeting with the architect on our floor plans. An electrical plan is one of the things that comes with your blueprints. It has all of the outlets, lights and types that the electrician needs to know about. In all honesty, I didnt realize that light planning was such a process. Going into it, I knew I wanted statement lights in most of the rooms. (Because that is the fun part right?!) I also knew that I wanted to have recessed lighting in most of the main areas like the kitchen, office, entryway and hallways. But I would go back and forth about it because I also want the Merc to feel true to it’s age for the most part and recessed lighting was obviously not a part of the world in that moment.  My solution was to put wall sconces up  in the hallways as well as the recessed lighting the ceiling.

Once our walls were framed we had an electrical walk through where the electrician, our general contractor, and myself walked through the entire building and talked about every outlet, light, and light switch. Man was that helpful! Had I have known how thorough that walk through would have been I wouldn’t have worried myself sick over the switch placement. This was really helpful as well to know what the code required because there were some outlets in our main hallway that I was going to nix but couldn’t. Pretty crazy to think that these 2 pictures are of the same wall!

I think it’s inevitable that there are going to be some things that you wish you could do differently once you’re all moved in and actually living in the space, which is why I’ve saved this post until now, when we’re living here and can give a real life report!

I’m happy and sad to report that even with all of my planning, we are not the exception to this rule. We TOTALLY have stuff that I would change. Luckily we caught some of it before everything was finalized but there are some things that just cant be changed and we get to live with.

The biggest save that we had was the light in our weird little hallway. Remember wayyyy back when we were talking about the floor plan and we had the 2 openings in the concrete block that we had to work around? There were lots of nervous feelings about that zig zag in the hallway, on all parts, yours and mine! I’m happy to report that it is not weird at all, it’s actually kind of perfect and makes sense with the bedroom off to the side.

If you also remember when we were putting in the ductwork for our HVAC system the attic space not-so-gradually shrinks from 3 feet at the front of the building, to 3 inches at the back. There was no where for our duct work to run without dropping the ceiling or adding a massive duct pipe in the bedroom hallway (you can get caught up on that situation here!) THANKFULLY our HVAC guys recommended a pancake unit, which is just a really skinny HVAC unit that fits right in that ceiling space and heats and cools the back part of the Merc.

Ok, you might be wondering what this actually has to do with lighting. Long story to say, when we installed the pancake unit we had to take out the light and didnt notice until a few months later when round 1 of the lighting was in and there was this dark hole of a hallway.


Luckily the electricians were able to wire it for a sconce and I think it’s going to be perfect! (When the backordered sconces finally get here!)

I feel like that was a pretty big bullet that we dodged. Here is some lighting shrapnel that we did in fact, NOT dodge.

This switch in Ivie’s bathroom is so weird. Why isn’t it on the opposite wall with the other 3 switches?

We didnt put recessed lights in the bedroom hallway, only sconces. Because our sconces are still not installed it’s sort of a dark abyss at night unless bedroom lights are on. I’m hoping that once we have our sconces it will be 100% remedied. The reason we didnt put recessed lighting in is because of the transom windows, I didnt want the lights shining right into them. So I feel like it’s probably still a good idea, but it is currently making me crazy.

I wish we would’ve put the entryway chandelier on it’s own switch. It’s currently on the same switch as the recessed lights and while it’s fine, I think it would be nice to be able to have just some of the lights on, as opposed to all of them. The saving grace with that is our Casaeta switch that makes them dimmable.

Other than that I’m feeling pretty good about the way things turned out. I’m DYING to get our sconces in and see how it changes my world!

I’m dying to know, what electrical weirdness is in your house!?



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